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Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Following on from my previous healthcare photography work with LYPFT, I was invited back to get some more shots to be used on posters and social media for a recruitment drive.

The brief was to capture staff in their natural environment, but it wasn't just about taking photographs of the staff; it was about getting to know them, it was about understanding why they do the work they do, capturing that passion and empowerment. To do this, Vanessa (a member of the LYPFT team) interviewed the staff prior to each shoot to get a feel for what they enjoyed about their job, and get some quotes which could be used on the posters. These had to be real - this campaign was about finding out exactly why these people work in mental health, and sharing their enthusiasm with others in a bid to pursuade people to work at LYPFT.

Over a full days shoot at two locations - Clifton House & Mill Lodge, we met some incredible staff. Not only were they welcoming and photogenic, but they almost pursuaded me I should work at LYPFT with the positives they get from not just working in mental health but working at LYPFT in particular.

Following the shoot I was asked to design the posters - adding the quotations to selected images; Not something I would normally do, but happy to help out due to working relationship with LYPFT. Following receipt of the brand guidelines, I got to work....

(Tech info; Canon 5dMk3, 100mm f2.8 L IS, 70-200mm f2.8 L IS, 24-105mm f4 L IS, Canon 580ex ii)

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